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Becoming Comfortable with Yourself

self acceptanceOne reason people often struggle with detachment is because the skill of detachment necessarily relies on the ability to accept your own thoughts and feelings. When you go through life in everyone’s business and taking on the problems of the world, it’s nearly impossible to look at what’s going on in your own head. It often appears easier to “fix” other people than to even face our own problems, let alone “fix” them.

Of course, we know we can not fix other people’s problems. We can offer our empathy, we can venture to offer advise if we dare, we can even physically assist someone in certain circumstances. But, we can never “fix” other people. We are not gods, nor do we have the power over other people that enables us to do for someone what they can’t or won’t do for themselves. So we must learn detachment.

But, when we detach from other people and stop trying to control or fix them, we are left with ourselves. We see our own flaws more clearly and come to realize that we need some control and fixing. It can be uncomfortable. Yet, it’s necessary for personal growth. How can we begin to heal and grow if we aren’t really looking at ourselves and seeing with a clear head who and what we are?

And more importantly, once we do see ourselves, can we accept what we find? To know and love ourselves is the real challenge. Learning to love ourselves in a realistic way depends on seeing our selves in a realistic way. Once we truly start to see ourselves, we can strive to focus on the good and accept what needs some fine tuning. In a way, this is a further detachment from even ourselves. We know who we are and we accept it. That’s a real focus and a real detachment that can foster drastic personal growth.

So, first detach from others and stop trying to control and change people, places, and things. Then, get to know yourself for who you really are. Lastly, accept and love yourself completely and without reservation. Know that you can’t truly love another until you’ve learned to love yourself.

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.
- Lucille Ball

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  1. Mike Bizzaro says:

    You are being sent into Hell forever … outside of the God’s Catholic Church.

    The vatican-2 heretic cult (founded in 1965 at the Vatican) *cannot possibly be* the Catholic Church … since it *enforces* the opposite, the opposite, and the opposite of the Catholic Dogma (the actual Catholic Faith).

    The Catholic Faith *is not* Bible interpretation … it is the Catholic infallible Sources of Dogma (which has been ruthlessly hidden from you, and which you must know). The Catholic Church didn’t even define the Bible’s New Testament Canon until 397 A.D. at the Council of Carthage.

    The founding documents of the vatican-2 heretic cult … the “vatican-2 council” documents … have well over 200 heresies *against* prior defined Dogma.

    Site > Immaculata-one (dot) com

    Section 12 > Anti-Christ vatican-2 heresies (50 listed) … followed by many Catholic corrections.

    Sections 13 and 13.1 > Photographic *proof* of heresy at the Vatican.

    Because of … the Catholic Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy or for physical participation in a heretic cult (such as the V-2 cult) …

    … we were all placed, body and soul, outside of Christianity (the Catholic Church) on 8 December 1965 … the close date of the “council”.

    Section 13.2 > Catholic Dogma on automatic excommunication for heresy or participating in a heretic cult such as … vatican-2, lutheran, methodist, evangelical, etc.

    Section 13.3 > Matt 16:18, Gates of Hell scripture … is *not* about the Office of the Papacy … four Dogmatic Councils defined it as … heresy not causing the Dogma to disappear.

    Section 13.4 > The vatican-2 heretic cult does not have the Office of the Papacy only the Catholic Church has the Papacy.

    Section 19.1 > Dogma on Abjuration for *re-entering* Christianity (the Catholic Church) … after being automatically excommunicated. A Formal Abjuration is also provided here.

    Section 10.2 > Returning to a state of grace, in places and times when Confession is not available, like now.

    Section 13.6 > You’re not a Catholic priest and never were … because of the Catholic Jurisdiction Dogma.

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