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What are Al-Anon meetings and what goes on during one? First of all, Al-Anon is a Twelve Step program for those who are related to or who are friends of problem drinkers and alcoholics. If one has a loved one who is dependent on alcohol, you are most likely suffering from the alcoholic’s lifestyle and have a variety of emotional responses.

The main focus of Al-Anon meetings is how to deal with and recover from the impact of a relative or friend’s alcohol addiction. During these meetings, any concerns regarding a member’s relative or friend’s drinking are discussed, and the application of the Al-Anon principles are likewise addressed either through discussions as well as through Al-Anon literature. There are also meeting for teenagers at Alateen groups which focus on the impact on teens and how to cope with someone who drinks or goes back and forth with an alcohol problem

Al-Anon meetings are scheduled. They are usually listed per region or district, and online meeting schedules are dubbed as either “open” or “closed.” “Open” meetings are for those interested in Al-Anon, such as first-timers. “Closed” Al-Anon meetings are meant for Al-Anon members as well as individuals who have been able to identify that a relative or friend’s drinking has impacted them considerably. (A branch of Al-Anon known as Alateen meetings are closed to adults. This is so that younger family members can hold their own meetings along with one or two adult Alateen Group Sponsors who can stand by to offer counsel and guidance.)

About the author: Learn more about Alcoholic Personality Tendencies and articles that discuss issues such as whether Are You An Enabler.


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13 thoughts on “Al Anon

  1. Al-Anon….?
    I do not like to join groups. I don’t like to tell my problems to strangers. But I have been told I should go to Al-Anon and it may help. Anyone have positive/negative experience with Al-Anon?

  2. Would I be welcome at an al-anon meeting if the person in my life is an addict, but not a drinker?
    My mother has an addiction and it is deeply affecting my life. She behaves very much like a stereotypical alcoholic, however, she does not drink. Her addiction is more obscure, but it’s hurting me very much and I can relate to children of alcoholics. I know people who al-anon has helped, but I was wondering, from people who have actually been to meetings if I would be welcome. Thank you.

  3. Al-anon is great program for people who have been effected by other peoples drinking or drug use. There are no “musts” in al-anon, so don’t worry about having to tell your problems to strangers.

    My experience with Al-anon has been very positive.

  4. How can I receive daily Al-anon meditations via email?
    Does anyone know if there is something you can sign up for somewhere to get daily al-anon inspiration and readings delivered to your email?

  5. It would actually be a copyright infringement. The books are really inexpensive though. I’ve seen them at half price book store for around $5. Mean time, just keep coming back here and I’ll try to paraphrase from time to time;)

  6. Al-Anon is not another term for AA. AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) is a 12-step program for alcoholics. Al-Anon is a support group for family members of an alcoholic. There’s also a program called Ala-Teen that is specifically for teenagers who have a family member who is an alcoholic.

  7. What is it that Al-Anon does to help family members of someone who is addicted?
    How does Al-Anon work, or does it? What do they do? What can I expect?

  8. Well they are going to expect you to come to meetings with or without the addict.
    You will do a lot of communicating with others about their experiences and your own.
    They will teach you tools and techniques to help you better communicate and help your friend.
    They will give you advice and an understanding shoulder to lean on, and expect nothing in return . Only hope and pray for your success.
    It’s not often easy for us to sit down and be completely honest with one another, but it is a necessary part of recovery.
    Show your support if the addict wants help and will go, take them and show them you love them as that makes us so much stronger to know we are not alone in things.
    Typically addicts do feel alone and not in control of their lives , and if they are willing to accept your help, and you love them My suggestion is step up and show them.
    Worst case scenario you don’t like or feel the meetings are for you don’t go back.
    They won’t ever hound you or judge you or harass you to return. That’s not how the system works.
    Recovered addict are a lot more humble people and i think better understand and judge others less as they as good people have found themselves to be addicts. nothing anyone truly respects.

  9. You can try online guided meditation at

    It is free and you can give it a try, there is no email/name asked for.

    It is a site that is getting new meditations of different types each day.

    It needs no personal information like email/name etc. So it is anon in that way.

  10. How many of you think Al-Anon is a 12 step program for alcoholics.Or that Al anon is another word for AA?
    When I see a new theripist and I say I am in Al -anon they jump to I am an alcoholic and am in AA.Its just and example of not checking things out.
    I forgot that I need to clarify to my new therapist and pschiatrist what al anon is because they have me as an alcoholic. So many people jump to that.

  11. @TopangaWoman82 Absolutely you will be welcome. Many of us don’t even have an active drinker or user in the home. alcohol/drugs can affect people through indirect contact. In other words, maybe a grandparent was an alcoholic. The parents were raised with the insanity of alcoholism and now the grandchildren are effected. The only way to stop the madness is to work on yourself.. and that’s what Al-anon is all about.

  12. Stay away from Al-Anon or any other organizations like it, unless you’re a moron who believes in christ or god.

    They WILL try to force their religion down your throat. Alcoholism is not a disease, anyway. Addiction is not a disease. CANCER is a disease. Alcoholism is just what you get when you’re a feeble and weak-minded individual that requires a crutch to make it through life.

    Alcoholism is just lack of discipline, being self-serving and hedonistic. Al-Anon will try to brainwash you into thinking that it IS a disease, and that it’s okay for a person to have become an alcoholic, as long as they now repent and ask for forgiveness, and ask their “higher power” to remove their desire for alcohol.

    It’s all a big, steaming pile of christian bullshìt. Avoiding something you enjoy just proves that it still has power over you. No matter WHAT the addiction is, addiction is NOT a disease.

    If you want support, find something that doesn’t have any religious connotations. If you’re dealing with addiction either in your life or another’s, the LAST thing you need is to replace it with another addiction to a fake god, coffee and cigarettes.

    Good luck.

  13. I attended al-anon for quite a while. I am not a “group” person either. I have a hard time letting people get too close. You can go and take what information you need and leave the rest. No one ever tried to push anything on me. I never even talked in the meetings. I just listened and a lot of what I heard helped me feel a lot better. I felt stronger inside and it helped me not to react as much to the addict I was living with. I never worked all the steps the way they said to, but I did take a lot of the suggestions I heard and applied them in my life. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do for the addict. I’m sure you’ve probably heard – they have to want to recover. The good news is that you don’t have to go nutz right along with them. You can learn how to have some peace of mind for yourself in the midst of the storm. There’s no way it’s gonna hurt anything, and it just might help you. Good luck!

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