Do Not Be Discouraged

Encouragement and Personal Development

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personal successSuccess is a personal decision and relative to our own expectations (if we discount what other’s think – illegitimi carborundum). But our personal development toward success is based on some pretty simple concepts and how we think about ourselves. Once again our “habits” come into play in determining how truly successful we are. If you take the necessary steps on a daily basis, you’re natural outcome will be personal growth – or what I call “success”! The steps are basically choices and they are followed by actions. The two must go together or neither will work. Good choices followed by actions = success.

Your attitude – Choose to have a good attitude and act it out throughout the day

Prioritize – You have a lot to do throughout the day. Choose what’s most important, write it down, and act on it.

Health – Take care of yourself with love and understanding. Eat, love, and pray.

Family and Friends – Interact with your family and friends. Yes, this is a choice.

Thought – Keep your thoughts pure and healthy. Remember the “power of positive thinking”. Yes it still works.

Commitment – You have to decide what and who you are committed to and act appropriately.

Money – Take care of your finances. Don’t stress, but keep up with it as best you can.

Spirituality – Make a decision to develop your spiritual connection to God and act upon it often. Always grow!

Giving – Never forget to give back. Time, treasure, or talents – what you give out is more important than what you receive.

Values – Decide to live your values. You can’t compromise and you can’t hide from yourself.

Daily Growth – If you aren’t working toward growth, you stagnate. Always strive to improve.

Be Good to Yourself – Decide to love yourself and accept who and what you are. If God loves you, then you are certainly worthy of love. So be kind to yourself and respect the person you are.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

So right now, make a decision to allow yourself to be successful. Then, take the appropriate actions to achieve it.

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