Do Not Be Discouraged

Encouragement and Personal Development

becoming happyOften we expect happiness to come from situations or other people.  As part of the human condition, we naturally want to be comfortable. We crave approval, affirmation, and acceptance.  But happiness is an attitude, and it doesn’t come from any particular situation or person or event.  Instead, happiness comes from how we interpret particular situations, persons, and events.

As we come to accept that we are lovable and worthy of love, our attitudes begin to change.  When we realize that God created us as we are – where we are – and who we are, our lives take on a new meaning.  At this point, we realize that anything other than a healthy self love and good attitude amounts to a challenge of the perfection of God.  God created us the way he wanted; and that’s a powerful statement in and of itself.

Of course nobody should expect to be happy 100% of the time.  That’s just not natural.  But by accepting our self, our situation, and our life as being guided by God, we can learn not only to be happier, but to also accept the other feelings that come our way with a certain dignified detachment.  In other words, it’s alright to feel the way you feel.  Just be aware of the attitudes that are behind your feelings and try to adjust them into a healthy perspective.

So what helps people maintain a high level of happiness?  I believe a healthy and balanced life that includes spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wellness.  This should include:

  • regular prayer and meditation
  • good sleep and rest
  • healthy entertainment
  • regular and consistent exercise for the body
  • regular mentally challenging exercises (such as Sudoku or a good book)
  • continued development of family and friendships (relationships)
We have to take responsibility for our own happiness. When we learn to change our attitudes, expectations, and responses, we achieve a certain peace. We come to realize that we are who and what God created. We come to believe that our lives are valuable and we are loved. We are happy.
– James

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