Do Not Be Discouraged

Encouragement and Personal Development

look at yourself firstIt’s human nature to notice the various flaws and faults of those around us. Often, we can develop a habit of blaming others, situations, or even society for our problems. It’s even common to hear such things as “she made me feel bad” or “he made me cry”. But is this really true?

In reality, we are in charge of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Nobody can “make” us think, feel, or do anything. We are in charge of our selves, regardless of how others behave. And that gives us a certain power and a certain responsibility. The power is in accepting the things that we can’t change, changing what we can, and knowing the difference. The responsibility is to accept our own part and place in this life and to stop blaming other people or situations for what goes on with us.

So, the next time we catch ourself being too critical of another person, let’s try to think about our place in the problem. Let’s realize that we all have a place in this world and we all belong to God. Remember that some of the things that irritate us the most about other people are things that we probably see in ourselves, and some of the things we admire in other people are things we aspire to. Let’s remember our attitude is our responsibility and not the other person’s.

“Let it begin with me” is a way of life. It begs us to have a positive attitude and make a contribution to the world instead of criticizing, blaming, or waiting for others to change to our liking. It’s the habit of taking responsibility for our own behaviors and eliminating our responsibility for other’s behaviors. It’s the realization that it’s not our job to change the world, but rather our responsibility to change ourselves.

Let it begin with me – God bless.

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