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Ocd Confront Your Obsessive Compulsive Disorder With The Positive Thought Redirection Technique!

OCD can be a pesky little problem to get rid of. In some cases prescriptions drugs will be needed to address the obsessions, the possible depression and other problems you may be facing. Popular medicines to treat this condition include Paxil, Prozac and Zoloft.

While prescription drugs certainly have their merits and are an important option to be considered, especially in acute cases, drugs do have side effects. You can use cognitive behavior therapy to both control the symptoms and reduce the anxiety, obviating the need to perform soothing anxiety reducing rituals.

Cognitive behavior therapy is a great way to address, confront and combat the obsessions and compulsions taking hold of your life. The basis of this approach is to try to reduce the immense and exaggerated catastrophic thinking that is fueling the anxiety that is the basis for both the obsessions and compulsions.

Did you run someone over with your car? Better keep checking that rearview mirror! What is that in the road? I better pull over and get out and look behind me! It felt like something hit my car or I hit something? The thoughts just keep racing, unbidden and unwanted through your mind. As the thoughts continue to run through your mind, the anxiety only increases.

The only way to soothe those feelings is to check the rearview mirror and keep checking it every time the negative thoughts cycle through again. You need to retrace your route 1, 2, 3 times or more just to ensure you didn’t hit anything.

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7 thoughts on “Positive Thought

  1. How do you take the positive thought of being pregnant off your mind?
    Me and my husband have been trying for a baby and I feel that this could be the month I don’t feel nauseous or anything but I’ve only got three more days until I miss my period officially so how can I take my mind off it.

  2. Thought I got a faint positive, but then negative test at the doctor?

    About four days ago, thought I saw a very faint positive. Went to the doctor for a routine visit, asked if I could have a pregnancy test done (just peeing in a cup) and it came back negative.

    any opinions? thanks ladies.

  3. I can’t see it, but faint lines tend to photograph badly.

    Anyway, Equate detects 25 mIU/ml hCG. Doctors usually use tests that detect 100 mIU/ml. So if you get a very faint result on an Equate test (or most HPTs for that matter) you usually wouldn’t show positive yet on a doctor’s test.

    If I were you I would retest if your period hasn’t shown yet. Four days can make a LOT of difference.

  4. I went to the doctor, I took 3 pregnancy test and they were all positive. I thought I was about 6 weeks along?
    went to the doctor, I took 3 pregnancy test and they were all positive. I thought I was about 6 weeks along but they told me i am only 2 weeks along. how is that possible?

  5. You cant be 2 weeks along. Technically you are 2 weeks along at the time of conception and at this time you dont even know you are pregnant. Pregnancy is calculated from the first day of your last period so you are already 4 weeks pregnant at the time of your missed period.
    If you are unsure of your dates then an early dating ultrasound is the best way to get an accurate due date.

  6. Who thought that the atom had a small positive nucleus, and the remaineder was empty?
    And if you tell me in what year he/she made this discovery.

  7. We’ve been trying a while too, and I’m obsessed every month with knowing. Just go to the dollar store and buy five of their 1 dollar tests. Start taking one tomorrow morning. They’re cheap and the worst that could happen is you get a false or true negative.

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